Current Favorites


               MY CURRENT FAVORITES. I am currently using this product from Philosophy, TIME IN A BOTTLE 100% IN CONTROL DAILY AGE-DEFYING SERUMmy mom got me from Sephora and I LOVE THIS PRODUCT SO MUCH! This serum is light and refreshing. I've been using for a few weeks and notice a big difference and I'm addicted to it. My skin looks so much better. And the best part is, it absorbs fast into my skin and doesn't feel greasy like other creams. This product is amazing!  
               My second favorite product is the ROSE FACE MASK from Fresh, I also got it from Sephora. This is a great face mask for sensitive skin. It feels great (and smells wonderful) while it's on, and it helps hydrate my skin. So if you have dry and sensitive skin like me, i would recommend this one. Not gonna lie, I use this mask every night after all my essence and serum, it really is a wonderful mask. 


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